József Bór and Csongor Szabó
Geophysical Observatory Reports, 2020, 41-50 (2021)
DOI: 10.55855/gor2020.6

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An idea is described for the implementation of a framework by which the operation of a computer can be monitored and controlled remotely. Main advantages of the proposed solution are that (1) it can be implemented using open source code and applications, (2) remote monitoring and control can be made using a general web browser, (3) the operation does not need large bandwidth internet connection, (4) it gives system administrators complete control over the production, format, and appearance of the content that serves monitoring purposes, (5) remotely controllable operations can be fully customized, and (6) the proposed remote controlling solution does not make the supervised computer more vulnerable for hacker attacks. The proposed application framework can be an optimal solution for monitoring and remote controlling computers that manage data acquisition from different measurements or run programs which require occasional user intervention.

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József Bór and Csongor Szabó (2021): Conception of a computer monitoring and function-specific remote controlling application framework. Geophysical Observatory Reports, 2020, 41-50. https://doi.org/10.55855/gor2020.6


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